TeamGroup All Set To Launch DDR5 16 GB Memory Kits With Up To 4800-5200 MHz Speeds By Q3 2021

Hassan Mujtaba

In a press release, TeamGroup has announced that it will be releasing its first consumer-grade DDR5 Elite series memory kits by Q3 2021. The memory kits will come with 16 GB capacity per module and supporting speeds rated at 4800-5200 MHz. The memory will be fully designed for next-generation consumer platforms from AMD and Intel.

DDR5 Memory Coming To Consumers As Early As 2H 2021, 16 GB Modules Rated at Up To 4800-5200 MHz Speeds

The TeamGroup Elite series DDR5 memory kits are said to launch in early Q3 2021. We can also expect other manufacturers to release their own DDR5 based DIMMs around the same time. As for specifications, the DDR5 kit will come with 16 GB capacities per module featuring speeds of up to 4800-5200 MHz and an operating voltage of 1.1V. This equals a frequency increase of 60% over the existing DDR4 standard while reducing power consumption by 10% (1.1V vs 1.2V).

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One interesting aspect of the DDR5 modules is that they will have on-die ECC support, ending the need for external chips to be installed to support the same feature. TeamGroup has stated that it will coordinate the launch of its DDR5 memory kits with the respective platforms from Intel and AMD which means that we are going to see a new generation of Ryzen and Core CPUs as early as Q3 2021. Intel has confirmed its Alder Lake-S 12th Gen Core platform for Q3 2021 and we can also expect AMD's next-gen Ryzen (AM5) platform to be introduced around the same time.

Following is the full PR from TeamGroup:

TEAMGROUP is Taking the Global Lead in the New DDR5 Generation

As a world leader in computer memory, TEAMGROUP understands the importance of getting ahead in the next generation of DDR technology, hence it will be releasing ELITE series DDR5 memory in 2021. With over 20 years of experience developing DDR3 and DDR4 products, the company has dazzled the world with its advanced R&D capabilities and excellent product quality. After the JEDEC announced the DDR5 memory standard, TEAMGROUP has been actively designing and working together with our IC manufacturing partners to pioneer and prepare for this new generation.

TEAMGROUP is leading the way with its first DDR5 memory under its global top-selling ELITE memory product line. It plans to release a 16GB 4800MHz module operating at 1.1V, down from the 1.2V of the previous generation. The data transfer rate is increased to 4,800–5,200 Mbps, an increase of up to 1.6 times while reducing power consumption by 10%. Today's DDR4 memory with error correction code (ECC) requires an additional chip installed on the PCB, whereas DDR5 supports on-die ECC, a feature that self-corrects single-bit errors, greatly improving system stability. Anticipation is high for the efficiency improvements brought by the new generation, which can be utilized for big data and AI computing, and other related applications.

TEAMGROUP has made ample preparations in 2020 to take the lead in the DDR5 market and will coordinate its releases with the DDR5 platforms of the top two CPU manufacturers, Intel and AMD. The company’s DDR5 memory is expected to be available as early as Q3 2021. TEAMGROUP has always stood out as a global leader and will continue to do so as it brings more powerful and stable next-generation products to consumers worldwide.

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