TEAMGROUP Announces The T-FORCE ZEUS DDR4 and T-FORCE ZEUS SO-DIMM Gaming Memory – An Affordable 3200 MHz Upgrade Kit


Although many people talk about the processor and the graphics card as the most important parts in a system, you can't overlook what great RAM can bring. The best RAM is a blend of three factors: great performance, affordable pricing, and a solid aesthetic. TEAMGROUP knows the importance of having a balanced stick of RAM and has launched the T-FORCE ZEUS DDR4 gaming memory. They even saw the need for RAM upgrades in laptops and released the T-FORCE ZEUS SO-DIMM DDR4 gaming laptop memory.

An Affordable Kit Of RAM That Combines Performance And Aesthetic In A Single Package

These memory modules come with up to 32GB of RAM and frequency options ranging from DDR4 2666 to DDR4 3200. Both the U-DIMM model and SO-DIMM model feature the same capacity and clock speeds with slight differences in the timing between the U-DIMM and the SO-DIMM. The DIMMs are constructed with carefully selected, high-quality ICs. The need for specific RAM based on what brand CPU is over. These are certified to support the latest 11th Gen Intel Core and AMD Ryzen 4000 Series mobile processors. Another great feature of these DIMMs is the overclocking profiles. It eliminates the need to go through the complicated process of adjusting BIOS settings.

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TEAMGROUP has their iconic logo on the DIMM alongside a fierce thunderbolt design. The namesake of this model comes from design. It was inspired by the fierce nature of Zeus and his ability to overcome anything standing in his way, the same way this stick of RAM will help your system overcome any challenging program. Although the design is great, it won't be seen on the SO-DIMM model because it will be inside a gaming laptop.

The T-FORCE ZEUS DDR4 and its laptop counterpart are a great option for those looking to either build a PC or upgrade your current laptop. These sticks are available in kits of up to 64GB in a 2x32GB package and come with speeds of up to 3200MHz.