Tea Party Simulator Hilariously Arrives On Steam

The 'simulator' genre has become quite popular as of late. So many new entrants are either surprise hits or provide a comically unique break to the day. Tea Party Simulator 2015 is perhaps one of the most thrilling examples of how to confuse gamers. And it's priceless.


Tea Party Simulator 2015 is finally a far less frustrating venture into proper tea party etiquette.

Who hasn't always wanted to become a master tea party host? You might not have all the right equipment at home to properly host afternoon tea or even go through the Japanese tea ceremony, but haven't you always been a little curious? Remember those days when you were younger and you had imaginary friends drinking imaginary tea? Yeah, this is like that, but in high-definition!

Seriously though, Tea Party Simulator 2015 is absolutely hilarious. Power Up to Maximum have included all the intricacies of a proper tea party so that you can actually properly simulate all the movements (and perhaps memories) of a properly planned tea party. But that learning process is quite frustrating with a very steep learning curve. So why not see what kind of convivial antics you can come up with?

It's been on Steam since April of 2015 but has gone through many updates to make it far more enjoyable an experience. It's thoroughly whimsical at it's core, not at all serious, unless you want it to be. A perfect example of a proper simulator, something you can either enjoy on your own terms or just mess around and find out what the developer has added when you don't follow proper tea party procedure.


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