Get a taste of Escalation with the new trailer

Dying to get the new Map pack named "Escalation" on your XBOX 360? why not fill the hunger you have for it with this great trailer which shows all 5 maps a matter of 1:26, while the best part of this map pack is definitely the new zombies map I am also curious to try out Convoy and Zoo, both look like very promising maps to play.

An interesting tid bit in the video is at 1:02 - 1:03, is that a gun that reverses the zombie process i.e turns the zombies into humans? and another interesting thing I noticed is that the guy who transformed from a Zombie to a Human looks like Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain on the PS3, I mean the resemblance is uncanny. The DLC is going to launch on XBOX live first and then will follow later on PSN and PC via Steam.

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