T-Mobile Now Lets Users Pay Bills Online and in app Through Apple Pay

Ali Salman
Apple Pay T Mobile

Apple's online mobile payment service has been gradually expanding to new markets. Every now and then we hear Apple adding support for Apple Pay to new countries. Now, T-Mobile is looking to integrate Apple's mobile payment service so users can easily pay bills in-app and online. T-Mobile is adding support for Apple Pay to its app and its T-Mobile app.

You can now use Apple Pay to Pay T-Mobile Monthly Bills

The move will allow T-Mobile customers to pay their monthly cellular bills using Apple's mobile payment service. The option to pay via Apple Pay appeared on the carrier's website today. However, there are no official announcements of the change. The good thing is that the service can be used to get a 3 percent cash back.

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The change was noticed by a Redditor. When U.S. based subscribers of the carrier are paying their monthly bills, they will now see a new option to use Apple Pay. Apple Pay is integrated deep into the iPhone as well as Mac and more.

Apple Pay T Mobile

This is not the first time that T-Mobile has made use of Apple Pay as a means of transaction. Last year, the carrier started accepting Apple Pay in its retail stores for purchases. The method could be used to purchase an iPhone or iPad but it did not feature anything translating to monthly subscription fees.

With the latest upgrade, users can pay monthly bills and even get a 3 percent cash back if you use the Apple Card. As of now, the payment method does not provide any option to purchase new tablets and handsets on the T-Mobile website. Nonetheless, we will share more details on the subject, so be sure to stay tuned in for more.

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