T-Mobile Is Giving You a Free iPhone 7 if You Switch to the Carrier – Here’s How

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Getting any smartphone for free is definitely a sweet thing to hear but how about an iPhone 7? T-Mobile has an offer for you that you simply cannot refuse so check out the details right here.

T-Mobile Is Giving You the Chance to Get an iPhone 7 for Free – iPhone 7 Plus Is Also Included But That Will Still Cost You

Starting from today and going up to March 16, T-Mobile is giving you the chance to own an iPhone 7 for absolutely no charge. If you want the larger iPhone 7 Plus, then it is going to set you back by a $100 bill but that it still peanuts compared to the full retail price that would have ended up paying. In order to get a hold of the freebie customers will have to switch to a T-Mobile number, giving you access to their services as well as a free iPhone. The service, which is called T-Mobile One will grant you unlimited high-speed data including video streaming at 720p. Taxes and fees are included in the price as long as subscribers agree to Auto Pay.

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When you trade in a qualified handset, you will get the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus on T-Mobile's EIP or Equipment Installment Plan. After crediting you instantly for the trade, you will register online for a rebate in the form of a pre-paid MasterCard that you can apply to the EIP balance. If you have a big family or a small company where you want employees to switch to a newer phone, up to 12 free or discounted iPhones can be covered with this deal.

“As if you needed any more reason to join the Un-carrier—now, you can switch the family to T-Mobile, get everybody a new iPhone 7 on us AND get yourself an extra line for free. T-Mobile customers are the most satisfied in wireless, and I want every single carrier customer out there to switch over NOW and see why!”


If you want to check out additional details then be sure to check out T-Mobile’s website. Remember, this deal will last until March 16, so make your move as soon as possible.


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