[HOW TO] Sync your facebook events and birthdays with the iPhone and display them on the lockscreen

Abdullah Saad

What this guide aims to do is help you synchronize all your facebook events and birthdays automatically with the iPhone and the iPod touch and display them on the lockscreen. This gives you easy reminder of your events and birthdays.

Without further ado, let's get on to it.

First you will have to get the links to your web-calendars for your events and birthdays.

In safari on the iPhone/iPod touch go to http://apps.facebook.com/fbcalendar/

Click on "get your calendars now"

Then, on the subsequent screens you will have to click on "Allow access" and "Allow offline access"

Which will take you to this page:-

Once you're on this page, click on the iCal button under "Subscribe your facebook events" and click on "subscribe" in the window which pops up asking you to subscribe to the facebook events. Do the same for "Subscribe to your friends' Birthday"

Once you clicked on subscribe for both the links, you will get a confirmation pop-up that both the calendars have been subscribed. Click on "Done" for both.

Now both the calendars have been subscribed for. Now go to your settings > Mail, contacts, Calendars and click on "subscribed calendars". That will show both the calendars you have subscribed:

Now, once both the calendars have been subscribed, you might want the events and birthdays to display on your lock screen. For that, you will have to get a program called "lockinfo" on a jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch from Cydia.

Once you install that program go to settings and click on lockinfo > plugins > Calendar and turn on where it says "enabled" if it isn't by default. You can change the number of days for which the events are shown on the lock screen and the maximum number of events to be shown. Now, click on calendars, and see if both the "fDcal Birthdays" and "fDcal Events" are turned on.

That's it. Now as per the settings above you will have 3 days of Birthdays, and facebook events shown on your iPhone/iPod touch lock screen! It will automatically sync all the new events which you're "attending" and "maybe attending" as well as the birthdays.

You can click on any event on the lock screen and get the details there and then. Pretty cool.

Hope this guide has been useful.


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