Syberia 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch


Kate Walker is coming to the Switch. Microïds announced today that Kate Walker's latest adventure, Syberia 3, will be coming to Nintendo Switch. The popular adventure game franchise from creator Benoit Sokal follows the series protagonist Kate Walker as she is left for dead in a mysterious village.

In this village, Kate needs to work with the nomadic people of the Youkole tribe in order to find a way out and unravel the mystery of Valsembor.

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The news comes after Nintendo revealed the release date, price, and launch for their new console, the Switch. Microïds is just one of over 50 third-party developers releasing games on Nintendo's new console.

Elliot Grassiano, Vice President of Microïds, shared the announcement in a press release:

We can’t wait to see Syberia fans discover Kate Walker’s new adventure on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo, with the Switch, brings one more time a whole new innovative vision to the game industry and we are proud to be part of it.

The exact release date for Syberia 3 on Nintendo will be announced soon. It's expected to also release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in Q1 2017.

We got to check out a preview build of Syberia 3 during Gamescom 2016 event. Here's Francesco De Meo's take on the game.

Judging from the Gamescom 2016 showing, Syberia 3 is a game that is being developed mostly for fans of the series who have waited over 10 years to see Kate Walker again, as there’s isn’t the required level of innovation to attract a new generation of fans. The story is probably going to be as compelling as in the past, so those looking for a solid, albeit not revolutionary, adventure game will surely find plenty to like in Syberia 3 when it launches on December 1st on PC and consoles.