Survey on the State of Game Development – Because Taking Survey’s is Cool

Games being 'completed' upon release is such a touchy subject these days. It's controversial on many levels and certainly seems to be the ire of the Internet. Games are released and they don't quite seem finished, buggy and without content promised at times.. It can be quite frustrating as we spend our hard earned money for something we wish only to play. But sometimes it's not that simple, and it doesn't quite work right.

To better understand the underlying issues, perceptions and feelings associated with the state of game development, we're conducting an initial survey that's part of a greater study that's seeking to understand game development and public perception. We want to provide insight into why we feel what we feel and where our perceptions and expectations may or may not meet reality.

The idea is to help explain the video game development cycle, how it works, and of course provide that nexus with our own perceptions upon the completion of a project. Why are things like they are when we get our hands on them?

Help save the world, take an awesome survey.

This is an initial survey, one designed to understand the audience and gain a general idea of where feelings of angst, indifference or satisfaction come from. This will be used to develop more targeted survey's to conduct a more in-depth study on the subject.

Survey's are boring, right? You'd be a great help if you could answer the questions, so we can get to the bottom of this. This is a long-term study and will take some time to collect and publish the results, but once we're ready, a detailed sociological research product should be able to provide you with some insight. Plus it only takes a few minutes to answer these questions.

If you can't see the embedded survey above, click here to access it. You're participation is much appreciated.


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