Survey shows only 7% of new iPad owners worry about heat

Ever since Apple announced the new iPad, it has been met with overwhelmingly positive response from reviewers and user alike. However just like any new product launch, some kinks always remain and this being an Apple product launch, those kinks are highlighted ever so magnanimously. One of such issues was regarding the heat dissipation of the new iPad compared to iPad 2. Because Apple is using largely the same chassis, the new quad core GPU along with the battery, which is also twice as large, some amount of increased heat output was to be expected. And before you knew it, the world wide web was littered with news regarding this. So much so that it seemed as if the new iPad was destined for failure. Not quite though, at-least according to this survey carried out by ChangeWave.

If you look at the figures above, only 7% of new iPad owners consider excessive heat as a main issue in their new tablet. Interestingly though the biggest problem they have with the new iPad is its price, despite Apple maintaining the 499$ price tag. I suppose some people were hoping for free giveaways. Also interesting, although not shocking, to note is that 98% of these early adopters are satisfied with their purchase.

So there you have it. While no survey is ever 100% conclusive, it does paint an over all picture regarding whatever is being surveyed, in this case the battery issue of the new iPad.

Hit the source link for the full press release.

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