Surface Book 2 Rumored To Be Announced During Second Quarter Of 2017

Omar Sohail
Surface Book 2 Q2 2017 announcement

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is definitely not coming this year, owing to design issues, according to sources close to the matter. However, its announcement period is said to be during the second quarter of 2017, and we hope that it will give Microsoft enough time to improve whatever limitations were experienced in the first Surface Book.

Surface Book 2 Expected To Be Powered By Intel’s Kaby Lake Series Of Processors – GTX 10 Series GPU Could Be Present Inside

As stated earlier, it is possible that Microsoft intends on revamping the design of Surface Book 2, and that is what could have caused the tech firm to delay the notebook till the second quarter of 2017. It is highly possible that Surface Book 2 could end up being even thinner and lighter compared to its predecessor thanks to the incorporation of Intel’s Kaby Lake processor family. The reduced power consumption metric of these chips will give Intel more freedom to reduce that thickness, although we have to add that we’ll be looking forward to seeing a GTX 10 series GPU inside it as well.

Despite NVIDIA’s huge improvements regarding the ‘performance per watt’ of its Pascal GPUs and their overall efficiency, severely reducing that thickness is not a gamble Microsoft should take because it will compromise on a lot of features, including a smaller battery capacity. While it should be noted that the presence of more efficient processors will contribute heavily to additional battery life, Microsoft should not follow the same approach that tons of manufacturers have been following.

Surface Book 2 (1)

Furthermore, reducing that thickness will give little breathing room to components, and we desperately want to see a GTX 1060 as a bare minimum inside a Surface Book 2. Other upgrades that could come the notebook’s way is a Type-C USB port. With Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016 lineup rumored to feature several of these ports, it is only fitting that Microsoft’s next flagship offering possess the same features. With Surface Book’s resolution measuring at 3000 x 2000, it has been rumored that Surface Book 2 will come with a 4K display while maintaining the same screen size.

Surface Book 2 (2)

Reading about this rumor sure makes us wonder if Microsoft plans to increase that battery, because it’s pretty evident what sort of a battery guzzler the 4K resolution is. Keep in mind that for now, take all of these facts with a grain of salt and we’ll update you on any changes regarding the upcoming laptop. What sort of hardware specifications do you think will make up the Surface Book 2? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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