Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS Brings New Maps and Medal Challenges

Jorge Jimenez

Build crazy stages and share with your friends. The popular Wii U title, Super Mario Maker, is coming to the 3DS with new stages and challenges.

Expect to see 100 new built-in courses at launch. The new unique medal challenges shown in the trailer will test your reflexes and endurance. The same level build tools on the Wii U will appear providing you with endless amounts of replayability.

Stages you create can also be uploaded and shared locally through Local Play. The major difference between the 3DS and Wii U is the 3DS version can not search for courses via Course ID. The good news is that most of the maps made for the Wii U will be compatible with on 3DS.

The trailer below shows off just some of the medal challenges that include:

  • Course 1-3: Defeat only Piranha Plants
  • Course 3-1: Reach the goal without releasing right on D-pad.
  • Course 5-2: Reach the goal without pressing the jump button.
  • Course 9-2: Lure all flying Boos to the goal

As you can see the medal challenges along with the new maps should give keep nice and busy this holiday break.

Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS will release worldwide December 2. Check out our glowing review of Super Mario Maker on Wii U where Dave Aubrey explained that  Super Mario Maker 'has the potential to be the best 2D Mario game.'

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