Super Mario Maker 2 Finally Announced for Nintendo Switch, Launching this Summer

Super Mario Maker 2

Fans have been asking for it since the Switch was first announced, and during the most recent Nintendo Direct the call was answered – Super Mario Maker 2 is finally happening. Despite being labelled a full sequel, Super Mario Maker 2 looks fairly similar to its predecessor, although there are new features. Like catsuits, slopes, and deeper options for tweaking how enemies and stages move and react. Also, the game’s official art features both Mario and Luigi, hinting some sort of multiplayer features may be on the way. Check out the first trailer for Super Mario Maker 2 below.

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If you're looking for more details, well, Nintendo is keeping pretty tight-lipped for now. Here's the official Super Mario Maker 2 description, in its entirety:

Super Mario Maker 2 -- In this new game, players can create the Super Mario courses of their dreams, with access to even more tools, items and features.

Not a whole lot to be gleaned there, but hey, that’s okay as Nintendo pretty much nailed the Mario Maker concept concept the first time around. I'm okay with them just adding a few more bits and bobs and calling it a day. Well, actually, that's not entirely true -- I also hope Nintendo dramatically improves online level sharing. The original Mario Maker made it a real pain in the butt to search for the kind of stages you wanted to play, and all too often your own creations just got lost in the crowd. And that's to say nothing of Nintendo's weird moderation policies, which saw them delete people's creations for no particularly good reason. I don't have a huge amount of confidence that online sharing will be much improved this time around, but who knows? Anything can happen.

Super Mario Maker will leap onto Nintendo Switch this coming June. Excited to test out your creative skills?

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