Stunning New Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Screen Shots


We got our hands on some stunning screenshots from upcoming Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, the 3rd expansion in the Battlefield 3 series; Armored Kill will be releasing in September, later this year. This DLC will include new vehicles,as well as 4 new maps; Bandar Desert, Death Valley, Almorz Mountain and Armored Shield. The vehicles will include; AC-130 gunship, motorcycles, mobile artillery, and light tanks. The main features of Armored Kill will be; Huge open maps, several new vehicles including  new MBT's (main battle tanks), 20 mew upgrades for tanks and armored vehicle and a new Tank Superiority game mode.

Check out the screenshots below;

Armored Kill will have a complete focus on armored warfare, the DLC will cost $15, for players who bought Battlefield Premium will get it for free and they will get two weeks early access. Unlike previous DLC's, Armored Kill won't have any new unlockable weapons.

  • All-out vehicle warfare on four huge maps.
  • Includes the biggest map in Battlefield history.
  • Five new vehicles, including two tank destroyers (M1128 Mobile Gun System for US and 2S25 Sprut for RU), two mobile rocket artillery vehicles (M142 HIMARS for US and BM-21 for RU) and a Quad Bike.
  • Also features the AC-130 Gunship - 2 seats for gunners and a para-drop slot that is always open to deploy in. The pilot, however, is AI controlled.
  • New "Tank Superiority" game mode.
  • All maps playable with all six game modes.
  • 5 new vehicle unlocks for the base game.
  • 5 new assignments.
  • Up to 20+ unlocks for new vehicles.
  • Up to 7 flags on PC conquest and 5 flags on Console conquest.
  • Introduction of a snow map into Battlefield 3's maps

Battlefield 3's multiplayer is simply one of the best, and with these new maps. Seems like it's going to be only get more better.