Street Fighter V Beta Is Being Extended to Makeup For the Crashed Servers

Little more than an hour had passed since the servers for Street Fighter V beta had gone live and Capcom took them down. This was due to a number of reports submitted by gamers that the servers were not working properly for them. Capcom did notify the fans via their twitter page that the servers were being taken down. Their official Twitter page said the following.

Some three hours later, Street Fighter's twitter page updated the Street Fighter V fans about the situation. The tweets said that the issues were being looked into and that the developer will take a couple of additional hours to rectify the situation.

Capcom is Extending the Beta to Makeup for the Crashed Street Fighter V Beta Servers

The Street Fighter V beta launched at 6 p.m. pacific time for gamers on Thursday. The beta is an early build allowing the gamers to test the game to check for possible issues and bugs. The developer did not have to wait long for issues to crop up as within 30 minutes of the beta launch, reports started coming in that the gamers were having problems logging into their game servers.

About an hour later, Capcom acknowledged the complaints and told the gamers that the developer was looking into the issue at hand. For now, the servers for Street Fighter V beta are back up according to the Capcom UK page.

Latest news coming in is that Capcom has announced that they will be extending the beta to make up for lost time so that gamers get ample amount of time to test the game. Their twitter page posted the following tweet.

The game is set as an early 2016 release for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 4. That is all we have for our readers for now. Do share your views with us in the comments section and Stay Tuned for more news and updates.

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