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Street Fighter V PC Beta File Analysis Might Have Revealed Unconfirmed Characters


Street Fighter V PC Beta files have been data-mined, and some interesting lines of code have been discovered. The game-file analysis reveal several unconfirmed characters for the upcoming beat ‘m up.

Both users on Reddit and Neogaf have been analyzing game-files from the PC beta of Street Fighter V, and this resulted in some interesting details regarding the game’s characters.

Reddit user animosf5, shared info on how to check the files for yourself:


1 - search on the internet the program QuickBMS (made by Luigi Auriemma, credits go to him for this wonderful software)
2 - in his webpage go for the Unreal Tournament 4 script v0.4 (made by the same guy, credits go to him for the script)
3 - in the program just select the script file and target the packed file you want to unpack "StreetFighterVBeta-WindowsNoEditor.pak"
4 - select the location of the unpacked files
5 - take a look at AssetRegistry.bin with a hexviewer OR just open CookedAssetRegistry.json with a text viewer such as Notepad++ (a little advice, try to read both of the files, it can be interesting)


Neogaf user Scrubb Mcgrubb on his turn, took the liberty to check the game files, after which he found lines of coding for unconfirmed characters in the game.

Judging from McGrubb's analysis, the following characters might well be available in Street Fighter V:
Dalsim, Guile, Fan, Urien, Alex,Fan, Ibuki, Juri and Boxer.

According McGrubb, the character files imply full rigged and high polycount characters, and the folder structure of the files, is in with the playable characters.

A few weeks ago, Japanese website Famitsu leaked 'Laura' for Street Fighter V.  I guess we have to wait for any confirmation, whether these new character leaks are indeed legit.

Street Fighter V was announced last December, ironically following a leaked trailer.