Stray Graphics Comparisons on PS5/PS4/PC and Steam Deck Show Up to Scratch Results on All Platforms

stray graphics comparisons ps5 ps4 steam deck pc

The first Stray graphics comparisons have been released, showing some satisfactory results across all platforms.

Tech channel Analista De Bits released two comparisons following yesterday’s release of the cat game, including a comparison between the different PlayStation consoles, and one that compares the game’s visuals on Sony’s consoles to those on PC and Steam Deck. You’ll find both comparison videos down below:

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- PS4 uses TAA upscaling to 1080p.

- The PC version has better shadows and post-processing effects than the other platforms.

- Steam Deck runs at 720p (Stray does not support 16:10 aspect ratio) with all settings set to medium.

- Despite not making use of ray tracing, Stray uses a lighting technique that bears some similarities in global illumination.

- Higher resolution of reflections on PS5 and PC.

- Fur rendering and some textures have better quality on PS5 and PC.

- Limiting the Steam Deck framerate to 40fps by changing the refresh rate can be a good idea to not have such an irregular framerate.

Comparing the console versions to each other shows that loading times are twice as fast on PlayStation 5 compared to PlayStation 4. In addition, the PS5 version features higher resolution and reflections as well as (although minor) better quality fur rendering and textures. Across the board, the most notable difference between the console versions is a higher resolution and framerate on PS5 (4K at 60FPS, whereas on PS4 the game runs in 1080p at 30FPS).

As for the console to PC and Steam Deck comparison, the comparison shows that the PC version benefits from better post-processing effects and shadows. Unfortunately, all versions appear to suffer from a bit of stuttering due to loading. Let's hope that a future patch can resolve this. If we look at Valve’s Steam Deck, it’s clear that, although it looks good, it could benefit from some optimizations.

Stray is available now globally for PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. As reported yesterday, the title pulled some impressive player numbers on Steam, easily becoming Annapurna Interactive’s biggest PC launch to date.

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