Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin New Screenshots Showcase Fifth Warrior of Light, Job System and More


New Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin screenshots have been shared online today, showcasing the fifth Warrior of Light, the Fiend of Wind Tiamat, the Job System, and more.

The new screenshots, which can be found below, reveal the identity of the fifth Warrior of Light, Sophia, who is just as determined as Jack to defeat Chaos, Astos, Tiamat, the Fiend of Wind, some events, and the Job System, which will allow players to switch jobs and level them up by obtaining Job Points and unlock more advanced Jobs coming with much better skills.

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We are likely to see Sophia in action in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin later this week, as a new livestream set for December 18th will provide new information on the game and how it will tie with the original Final Fantasy.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin releases on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One on March 18th, 2022.

Deep, varied combat
Dive into wildly different movesets based on equipped weapons to change combos, unlock new attacks via upgrades and add job specializations that help widen the skillsets of Jack and his cohorts. In classic Final Fantasy fashion, HP, MP and potions must be carefully balanced with the limited-use soul shield ability to lessen incoming damage - all in real-time. In a new twist, resting at save points also brings back enemies for easy grinding and balancing risk/reward.

Extensive character customization
Each piece of equipment not only changes base stats, but helps add stylish dark fantasy flair. Equip multiple pieces in a set to not only complete the look, but deepen the stat bonuses available to your party. Job-based skill trees help craft a party that support each other with abilities and special attacks that can offset weaknesses and bolster strengths; customize your party according to your play style.

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