Strafe Gets a Gory Release Date Trailer


UBER-GORE tech at its finest. Pixel Titans finally announce a release date for their violent retro first-person shooter, Strafe, in a fun trailer.

Strafe is a roguelike shooter that randomly generates each game every time you die. You play as a Scrapper on a life and (mostly) death Fans of classic PC-shooters like Quake will enjoy the heavy emphasis on circle strafing and rocket jumping.

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The best thing about Strafe is its commitment to the 90s aesthetic all the way down to their web page. This short but sweet trailer for Strafe revealed the March released date in a pool of blood. The fast-moving shooter has over 30 weapons, 20 enemy types, and a ton of blood.

Here are just some of the features folks should expect from Strafe:

  • Endless levels! Every game load creates a unique and new level with billions of possibilities!
  • 100% Virtualised "real" environments
  • ÜBER-GORE  Tech
  • BLAZING Fast gameplay and responsive controls
  • Real-time first person upright biped simulation
  • Full-Featured 3d projection matrices
  • Unsigned 32-bit colors!
  • Colored lighting!
  • Ultra large resolutions with a unique 16:9 screen ratio
  • Digital Gravity
  • Multidimensions polygonal meshes derived from over a thousand unique vertices

Expect to do some serious fragging when Strafe hits PC on March 28.

We've created groundbreaking technology that changes the levels everytime you play for endless replayability! There are BILLIONS of experiences to be had with crazy secrets to find! We give you the levels, you paint them red.