How to Stop Receiving Calendar Spam on iPhone

Uzair Ghani
Calendar Spam

Have you started to receive Calendar spam on your iPhone lately? Here's how you can stop this menace once and for all.

Stop Calendar Spam Once and for All on Your iPhone

Lately, a lot of companies have started to spam iPhone users with ads by throwing Calendar invites at them. But apparently, regardless of what you do on your own, it appears as though nothing is en route to be fixed at all. Majority of this spam originates from advertisers based in China, that are trying to sell something.

Declining the Calendar invite is the worst thing you can do as it informs the sender that your email is active, leading to even more spam. So yes, do not decline anything at all. In fact, don't do anything on your iPhone right now if you are being spammed.

Kick things off by opening the website on your desktop.

Once the iCloud website loads up, sign in with your Apple ID credentials. Once you're in, click on the Calendar entry. After that click on the little cogwheel icon in the bottom left corner to access the settings menu. Click on Preferences when you are presented with a list of options.

Head over to Advanced tab then select the 'Email to..' option under Invitations settings. Click on Save once you have made the changes.

Once you do this, all the spam invites will go straight to your email without bombarding you with push notifications. Obviously, the downside of this is that you'll miss out on normal Calendar invites too, forcing you to jump into your email every single time there is an invite. Until Apple rolls out a feature that lets you mark Calendar invites as spam, this is your best bet for solving things immediately.

Wrap Up

Advertisers have found strange and cunning ways to reach a potential customer. They'll either do this by throwing popups at you, or now, sending you a Calendar invite on your iPhone. Nonetheless, for an average user, things can get very annoying really quickly, forcing them to take strict measures against such activities.

We are hopeful Apple will throw in certain checks in place ensuring spam invites do not come through regardless what happens. But of course, we can't say for sure when such a feature will make an entry on iOS. Either as a point update to iOS 10, or maybe it will be a part of iOS 11.

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