“The Stlit” Hits New World Record – AMD FX 8370 Clocked Above 8.7Ghz

During AMD's 30 years of graphics innovation event AMD's Finnish overclocking team was able to achieve a new CPU frequency world record. Hitting an exceptionally impressive 8.722Ghz with all 8 cores enabled on the upcoming FX 8370 CPU.

FX 8370


FX 8370 Hits Highest Eight Core CPU Frequency Ever Recorded

Liquid Nitrogen cooling was used to achieve this frequency at a staggeringly high voltage of 2.004 V. The motherboard used was the Crosshair Formula-Z from Asus with 8GB of memory operating in dual channel mode at 2218Mhz in addition to an Asus DCUII R9 290X graphics card. This is the highest overclock ever recorded on an eight core CPU with all of its cores enabled. Which is quite an achievement besting the previous world record of 8.41Ghz on an eight core CPU with all cores enabled held by Smoke by over 300mhz.

Andre Yang, a famous overclocker, managed to push an FX 8350 to 8794Mhz. Which is still the highest frequency ever achieved but it was only on two cores out of the eight. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised to see the overclocking community break the 9Ghz barrier shortly after they get their hands on the upcoming FX 8370.

FX 8370
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