‘Steve Jobs Heritage Edition‘ Apple Glasses Do Not Sound Like Something Apple Would Make

Steve Jobs Heritage Edition Apple Glasses

As per the latest rumors, Apple is apparently working on a special Apple Glass variant, which will have the same look as the round frameless glasses that Steve Jobs used to wear. These limited edition glasses will be called 'Steve Jobs Heritage Edition' and will be a collector's item, similar to the original gold Apple Watch Edition.

‘Steve Jobs Heritage Edition‘ Apple Glasses

This rumor is courtesy of Jon Prosser, who shared the bit during a podcast with Cult of Mac.

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“They are also working on a prototype, a Steve Jobs Heritage Edition,” Prosser says in the latest episode of Cult of Mac’s official podcast, The CultCast. It’s “similar to how we had an Apple Watch Edition, like that ridiculous $10,000 gold one when it first came out,” he said.

In case you don't know yet, Jon Prosser is the same tech analyst who had correctly predicted the features, price, and release date of iPhone SE and the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. He had also previously come out with details of Apple Glass, in which he shared features and release timeframe.

Call us skeptical, but this rumor sounds far fetched, and not like something that Apple usually does. If I were a betting man, I would not bet on this rumor. I could be wrong and lose a lot of money, but I would count on this being incorrect. Apple does not make such products that are named after a person. The last time Apple made special edition products named after a band were U2 iPods, however that was a long time ago.

Apple has brand partnerships for products such as Apple Watch Nike, Apple Watch Hermès, and (PRODUCT)RED, however, cashing in on Steve Jobs' name to launch a new product will not receive a positive response from almost anyone. It just goes against how Apple plans and markets its products.

Even Mark Gurman, who has the best track record of anyone who leaks Apple product news, disagrees with this story.

As per Prosser, Apple Glass will launch in Q4 of 2021 or Q1 of 2022, and will cost $499, with prescription lenses costing extra. It will not have any camera but only a LiDAR sensor, for privacy reasons. Both glasses will show a user interface codenamed 'Starboard UI', and will be operated via hand gestures. However, Apple Glass will not support tinted lens as that would interfere with the functionality of the gesture based user interface.

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Similar to the original Apple Watch, processing for the Glasses will be handled by a paired iPhone. There is no news whether 5G or any cellular networking will be supported. Jon claims to have seen the glasses and "they're sleek as hell" and look like classic Ray-ban WayFarers.

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