Could Steam Be Having Their Summer Sale Soon? Maybe in June

Valve is famous for their ingenious Summer sales with deep discounts on nearly the entire library of games. It's very close to the general time frame that they've generally hosted their ubiquitous Summer sale, and Valve's Russian social networking site just might have given up the goods. Mayhaps we'll see this sale in June after all.

Valve's Steam Summer Sale might kick off on June 11th, according the Valve's Russian social networking site.

Valve's Russian networking site tells us that their infamous Summer Sale will being on the 11th and end on the 22nd of June, the very week of E3 to capitalize on the festivities and hype from the big event. Not that the Steam Summer Sale needs any such assistance by any means. This however is not a complete confirmation and may be a localized sale. There has been no announcement regarding the Summer Sale elsewhere within Valve or on Steam as of yet.

However, get your wallets ready because they're about to become that much lighter. Every day during the Steam Summer Sale features new daily flash deals from games throughout the entire library, though not all publishers participate. That and the discounts are usually quite a bit deeper than normal, almost whispering for you to empty your bank account.

Once the official dates for the Steam Summer Sale are announced, we'll let you know and we'll cover the daily deals as quickly and completely as possible. For now, though, start saving up for the inevitable emptying of 2015.

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