More Steam Deals to Enjoy This Weekend – SOMA, Trine 2, DiRT Rally and More

Jeff Williams
Aug 28, 2015

Steam is a love or hate it affair really, either you absolutely hate having to rely on such a platform to be the sole launcher for your beloved game collection, or you enjoy the centralized structure of having a purchasing platform, game launcher and other great functionality. But with such a centralized approach and a massively prosperous parent company, sometimes we can enjoy a few good deals on Steam.

In addition to the other great deals and free weekend bonanza’s we’ve shown you today, there is a lot more on sale on Steam. And the great thing is that some are actually DRM free, so play them without Steam if you wish!


Trine 2, Titan Quest, SOMA, Sacrifice and more are discounted this weekend.

Daedalic Entertainment is discounting their entire library over the weekend and even have a very enticing looking bundle of some of their most fantastic games. Frozenbyte is also selling a bundle with all of the Trine games, Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor for a decent price too.