Steam Content Curation Not Dead, Over 170 “Troll” Games Removed in Recent Weeks

Nathan Birch
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It seems Valve hasn’t completely given up on moderating Steam. Valve recently announced they were adopting a new hands-off approach to content curation, with only games that are “illegal or straight-up trolling” being banned. Unsurprisingly, a lot of folks, and some competitors like, criticized the move, accusing Valve of providing a platform for ugly, malicious, and exploitative content. Well, we now have a clearer idea of what Valve considers “trolling,” and their definition is fairly broad.

The folks at PC Gamer have been keeping track, and found that Valve has removed 179 games over just the past couple weeks. This list includes er, “classics” like Boobs Battleground, LOGAN vs. KSI, Putin, Boobs and Trump, Mariko: Hot Nightlife, Home Alone Girlfriend, Dad's Co-Worker, X-Ray Hospital, Boobs Puzzle, Rich Life Simulator VR, Simulator Hipstera 2K17, Bitcoin Highway, MILF, Big Dick, Make Borders Great Again, Love Games, seven different "Hentai" games, and 32 Achievement Hunter games. So, yeah, nothing most Steam users are going to miss, unless you really have no other source for boobs.

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Last month, Valve further explained what they consider a troll game:

“Our review of something that may be 'a troll game' is a deep assessment that actually begins with the developer. We investigate who this developer is, what they've done in the past, their behavior on Steam as a developer, as a customer, their banking information, developers they associate with, and more. All of this is done to answer the question 'Who are we partnering with and why do they want to sell this game?'

We get as much context around the creation and creator of the game and then make an assessment. We often ban these people from Steam altogether instead of cherry-picking through their individual game submissions. In the words of someone here in the office: 'it really does seem like bad games are made by bad people.' This doesn't mean there aren't some crude or lower quality games on Steam, but it does mean we believe the developers behind them aren't out to do anything more than sell a game they hope some folks will want to play."

While Valve is cracking down on troll games, they are keeping their promise regarding steamy Steam content. Steam recently got an Adults Only filter, and it’s first completely uncensored X-rated game. So yes, boob games are fine, as long as you have pure intentions when making them. Got it?

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