Start Your New Year with These Marvelous iOS Apps & Games Gone Free for a Limited Time [Download links]


Needless to say that 2018 is here. So, to kick things off afresh, we have a handful of iOS apps that have gone absolutely free for a limited period of time.

Celebrate the New Year by Downloading Paid iOS Apps & Games Absolutely Free for a Limited Period of Time.

Before going ahead with the download please make sure that these apps are free in your region. There is a high possibility that an app gone free in the United States might be paid somewhere else. So before you accidentally get charged for an app which was meant to be free in the first place, just do a double take on what you're about to do.

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The 7th Guest - Regular price $4.99, Now FREE.

In the world of The 7th Guest, you are an active and mysterious entity known only as "Ego". Your role, identity and purpose is not known or explained, rather, it is experienced as a seamlessly integral part of the total environment that is the Stauf mansion. Because you are looking out from within, you cannot see yourself, but your inner spirit has a voice. Listen to it.

Download The 7th Guest for iOS [App Store link]

FilesOnTree - Regular price $4.99, Now FREE.

You can manage Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive cloud files in tree structure.

You can manage document, eBook, music, voice memo, photo, video, text note and zip files in tree structure!

FilesOnTree is a file manager for iOS and it is similar to Windows Explorer.
You can carry over your Windows Explorer experience into iOS with FilesOnTree easily.

Download FilesOnTree for iOS [App Store link]

Simpler Pro - Regular price $2.99, Now FREE.

Over 3,000,000 people love Simpler Pro 🙂

Your address book is a mess?
Simpler Pro will fix it in few seconds!

Download Simpler Pro for iOS [App Store link]

Map for Contacts - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE.

Map for Contacts lets you know which address book contacts' addresses are closest to an address or to your current location and shows them on a map or in a list view. List is sorted by distance to the specified location. You can filter contacts and addresses thanks to the many options available in the app.

Download Map for Contacts for iOS [App Store link]

Space Pilot 2094 - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE.

Space Pilot 2094 is the first in a new range of Game & Watch inspired, retro LCD games that have all been carefully designed from the ground up to look, feel, sound and play authentically. Just like the original hand-held games from the '80s – they will be easy to pick up, but difficult to master!

Download Space Pilot 2094 for iOS [App Store link]

Here Are All the New Features Coming With iOS 15.2 Release

JotBear - Regular price $9.99, Now FREE.

Share and schedule posts from your twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms from one dashboard.

JotBear is the easiest and most complex social media management tool.

Download JotBear for iOS [App Store link]

PunchList - Regular price $9.99, Now FREE.

Trusted by thousands of professionals across the globe, PunchList is the simplest and most powerful punch list app that helps you create beautiful ready to email punch lists from any construction site.

Designed for architects, interior designers, engineers, construction workers, and even homeowners—remove the hassle of downloading photos, re-typing notes, and composing a layout.

Download PunchList for iOS [App Store link]

WiFi Passwords Displayer - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE.

Very simple, we need to do is to put the surrounding free WiFi password list or map display to you, make you or your friend's cell phone, computer can quickly free Internet access, all this is free of charge.

These main covers downtown hot spots, such as coffee shops, shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, shopping street...

Download WiFi Passwords Displayer for iOS [App Store link]

Envoy All-in-one Messenger - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE.

Envoy Messenger is an all-in-one messenger app for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Telegram for your iPad.
You can select the services you would like to use and get access to your WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram messages on your iPad in a single app.

Download Envoy All-in-one Messenger for iOS [App Store link]

Bow Island - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE.

Bow Island is a fantastic archery game. Enjoy 10 exciting and challenging levels and a breathtaking archery on a fantastic island. Shoot your arrows on numerous targets and hit them in the center. Are you ready for the adventure, shooter?

Download Bow Island for iOS [App Store link]

Remote Pad for Mac - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE.

Turn your iPhone or iPad into the wireless extension of your Mac keyboard. Add dedicated numbers, arrows and other blocks to your Mac keyboard. Why buy additional hardware that you have to carry around with you if you can have it almost for free?

Download Remote Pad for Mac for iOS [App Store link]

Minibudget Pro - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE.

Establish a budget, record and manage your expenses by category.

"Shall we help to manage the couples dating spending(expenses)?" This was the idea that we started the Minibudget project.

Minibudget is a simple account book as household budget, subtract the expenses from the budget.
It can be used as build plans, managing budget, travel expenses, simple account book.

Download Minibudget Pro for iOS [App Store link]

BoomBar - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE.

Stop carrying dozens of loyalty and reward cards around ! Get BoomBar

3 Easy Steps Scan , Save and Use with your iPhone, Apple Watch and iMessage.

Download BoomBar for iOS [App Store link]

Spin Solitaire - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE.

What are you playing?

Spin Solitaire introduces the spinner to hold your cards, bringing this wonderful classic to the 21st Century.

Now you can plan your game instead of flipping through a deck. Just roll the spinner along the bottom to see what you have. To make a move, you can tap or flick your cards to where you want them to go.

Download Spin Solitaire for iOS [App Store link]