Stardock’s DirectX 12 Game Looks so Good That The Partners Wouldn’t Believe it Was Real

Stardock CEO, Brad Wardell, over the last few months, has been extremely enthusiastic over DirectX 12, and once again he has revealed some new information about his new projects and the potential of DirectX 12. He confirmed that they will be announcing a new game which will be using DirectX 12, which will be demonstrated at many booths at GDC including AMD and Microsoft.

DirectX 12 is the new era of gaming

The game seems to be looking extremely good, to the extend that Stardock's partners, doubted the videos' legitimacy and asked to see it in person. No further information is known at this point regarding the game, except that it will initially be available only for the PC and support 4K resolution. It will be demonstrated on current generation PC hardware. Wardell stated that there are no plans for an Xbox One version, but they wil be developing content for it using DirectX 12.

He stated that he believes that DirectX 12 is the new era for gaming, and that the information he has been tweeting is based on what he has witnessed from the new API.

GDC begins today and ends this Friday, we will have much more information soon regarding DirectX 12 , as well as Microsoft, AMD, and Stardock. Virtual reality is one of the main attractions at GDC, with several companies including Sony, Valve and Razer expected to show their hardware, with Walt Disney also hosting a session on how VR applies to theme parks.

HTC in a partnership with Valve have just announced the HTC Vive VR headset at their Mobile World Congress press event.

Here's what we currently know about it:

  • Built on the SteamVR platform
  • 90Hz display
  • 1200x1080 resolution per eye
  • "Custom" ergonomic dual-wield controllers with position tracking made specifically for VR by HTC
  • 110° field of view (from a Valve partner, not confirmed by HTC)
  • 360° rotational tracking to a 1/10th degree accuracy (the lasers HTC mentioned are not on the headset)
  • (Optional) base stations for accurate positional tracking in a (up to) 15 by 15 feet (4.5 meter) room.

We will update with any additional information we have from GDC.

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