StarCraft II, a heart burn on GPU’s everywhere

StarCraft II is one of the world's most long awaited RTS games and with Blizzard finally releasing weeks ago it does more then satisfy the games hunger for zerg action, as a hidden feature it can even fry your graphics card reports are coming in that the game allegedly kills your card in scenes of intense action i.e when a lot of events are occurring.

This can only mean two things, that either the people experiencing these "burnouts" are using PC's with inadequate requirements for the game and are running the game on max settings which pushes the GPU to their limit or like the famous nvidia driver incident maybe this has something to do with reducing the fanspeed of the GPU without the users knowledge (Again this is my speculation and not an official deduction).

Blizzard is "working" on a fix but for now the fix available for this problem is that you can change a few values in your "variables.txt" file of the game and fix your frame rate to 30 FPS

Source: GameFocus

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