Star Wars: Squadrons Has “Zero Microtransactions,” Isn’t a Live-Service Game


Last evening during the big EA Play Live 2020 show, we got a first look at Star Wars: Squadrons in action, which included a look at both character and ship customization. Hmmm, customization eh? Does that mean Squadrons is a live-service game designed to sell you cosmetics? It is an EA title after all. Well, shock of shocks, it turns out that’s not the case!

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Star Wars: Squadrons creative director Ian Frazier made it clear that his game isn’t a cosmetic-selling machine…

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Our mindset has been very old school. We're trying to say with this game that we have a $40 price point, we want to feel generous to players, and we want it to feel like a complete experience. Like 'You gave us your $40. Here's a game that you will love. Thank you.' That's it. This isn't something we are building around a live-service strategy. It's built around a game that is complete and great in its own right. That's not to say we will never add anything, I guess we could, but it's not presented as a live service.

I like what I’m hearing. But perhaps you need more confirmation. Well, here’s Squadrons writer Mitch Dyer being as clear as humanly possible…

Well, okay then! Of course, microtransactions could be added later, and Frazier seemed to leave the door open for some sort of DLC down the line, but at launch it seems your $40 is all you’re going to have to put down. Who’s publishing this game, and what have they done with the real EA?

Star Wars: Squadrons sets it sights on PC (via Steam, Origin, and Epic), Xbox One, and PS4 on October 2. What do you think? Are you more likely to pick up the game now that you know it’s not doing the live-service thing?