Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 Rumored for Q4 2022, Need for Speed for Q3; Dragon Age 4 Not Coming This Year


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 could be released later this year, according to reliable insider Tom Henderson. He also said the game is likely to be announced on Star Wars day (which is on May 4th).

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel Will Be Called Star Wars Jedi: Survivor; May Release in February or March 2023 – Rumor

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 would likely be a direct sequel to the game released in late 2019 by Respawn Entertainment. The reception was great, as you might recall. The game earned a 9 out of 10 rating on Wccftech.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order feels like a familiar experience, and this is both its main strength and major weakness. All of the elements of the game are well-crafted, but they feel quite derivative, as there is not a single gameplay mechanic that hasn't been more or less lifted from a major franchise. Despite the lack of innovation, the game developed by Respawn is one of the best single-player games released in recent times and a must-buy for any Star Wars fan. Even those with only a passing interest in the series will find plenty to like here, granted they are not expecting to play a revolutionary title.

The title's sales exceeded Electronic Arts' own expectations, having sold over 10 million units by March 2020. In fact, its success as a purely single player game reportedly convinced Electronic Arts that Dragon Age 4, too, could drop its planned game as a service elements to focus on delivering the single player RPG its fans would really want.

On that note, as mentioned in the headline, Tom Henderson also provided an update on Dragon Age 4. Unfortunately, fans of the BioWare franchise won't get to play the new installment, reportedly set in the Tevinter Imperium magocracy, in 2022.

This was expected, anyway, as previous rumors already hinted at a release in 2023. EA originally told investors it was targeting fiscal year 2023 for the next Dragon Age launch, which would mean a debut before March 2023. However, plans might have changed since, leading to a later release date in the year.

Codemasters Cheshire Will Join Criterion to Work on Need for Speed

Last but not least, Henderson said the next Need for Speed game developed by Criterion Games will be available between September and October this year. Criterion was temporarily pulled over to help DICE on Battlefield 2042 development, which delayed the Need for Speed project.

Which of these EA-published games are you most excited about? Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2, Dragon Age 4, or the next Need for Speed? Let us know in the comments.

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