Star Wars: Battlefront Sequel Files found Inside Operation Raccoon City Disc

Star Wars: Battelfront 2 was one of the best Star Wars games ever made, it had one of the best multiplayer modes which let players play out various campaigns from the classic and the modern movies too and included space, trooper and even Jedi combat moments but since the game was cancelled and rumored to be under development of Slant Six Games it seems that the latter has been proven to be true. Some people over at Beta Games have uncovered hidden Star Wars Battlefront images hidden inside the Operation Raccoon City disc, could this mean an announcement is imminent?

Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 were some of the best games on the PS2 and it was a damn shame that the game never received a 3rd game with the current generation consoles or PC hardware, but when the game was cancelled a Long Time Ago it was rumored Slant Six Games who are conveniently the developers of Operation Raccoon City left these images in the Disc of the game, could this put truth to the rumor that Slant Six are really working on Battlefront 3 and if so when can we expect to hear more on this game?

Battlefront 3 made today for the PS3 / XBOX 360 and the PC would be an amazing experience considering how far technology has come back when the first 2 games were released. I hope we hear more information on this project ASAP because I for one am very anxious for this game.

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