Star Wars Battlefront – DICE Talks About PC Requirements, Game Resolution and Maps Detailed


Star Wars Battlefront is an upcoming Star Wars title undergoing development by EA Digital Illusions CE. The game is another Electronic arts and will release later this year on the 17th of November. The game will host all major gaming platforms i.e. Microsoft Windows, PS4 and the Xbox One. News in is that the developers are working hard to polish the game for 60FPS across all platforms and Electronic Arts Community Manager has clarified on Reddit that indeed they're targeting "60FPS" for Star Wars: Battlefront, as announced by DICE/EA, but no clarification has been given in relation to the resolution that the game will be offering. Any such release is a rumor ad has not been mentioned officially.

Star Wars Battlefront Developer "No One Said Anything About Resolution"

The Electronic Arts Community manager said on Reddit:

"No one said anything about resolution. If you have heard anything otherwise, it's a rumor. We have only confirmed the game will run at 60fps."

In addition to this, the Electronic Arts representative stated that the PC system requirement for Star Wars Battlefront will be similar to Battlefield Hardline or Battlefield 4. He also added that this judgement is still premature owing to the fact that Star Wars: Battlefront is still in the beta testing phase and hence the game might possibly host several additions or tinkering to bring it close to the ideal product.

"With the Frostbite engine and the inclusion of full PBR, the game isn't just like Battlefield Hardline or Battlefield 4. Once the team has the game into its Beta phase, they can start testing the game on 100s if not thousands of PC systems and find the minimum spec required to run the game. It might end up being the same as Battlefield Hardline or even Battlefield 4. But until those tests can take place, we can't commit to specs / details. Being a fairly hardcore PC gamer, I want to know the specs as well. But… my PC is powerful, so not worried. But I know you guys are and want to get you that info as soon as we can."

We also have information on the game maps where it was revealed that the game will have a total of 12 multiplayer maps:

"It's 12 multiplayer maps total and even more locations among the planets for Star Wars Battlefront Missions. We have not confirmed the precise count per planet. The maps will offer a nice mix of locations and environments. Stay tuned as we reveal new maps, modes, etc. in the months ahead."

"Fairly sure we never said 'three maps per planet.' I know we said 12 multiplayer maps with even more if you include Missions."

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