Star Wars Battlefront – First Official Release Reveals Game Will Host Xbox One, PS4 and PC Platforms

Star Wars Battlefront has had its fair share of rumors until now. The game has reached edges of speculation and now finally we have an official release. Earlier, we brought to you news of the game making its debut at the Star Wars Celebration Convention where EA made the announcement for its release:

"It seems like such a long time ago (at an E3 press conference far, far away) since we announced we were working on Star Wars™ Battlefront™. Last year, we promised you would “See More in Spring 2015”. Spring is coming.

We’re thrilled to share that Star Wars Battlefront will be taking part in Star Wars™ Celebration next month in Anaheim, CA from April 16-19. We could not think of a better or more appropriate place to debut the game officially for the first time than the premier event that celebrates the Star Wars universe and the legions of fans who have fallen in love with it. For more information on Star Wars Celebration and ways to attend, please visit"

Although the above is an official release aswell, but it tells us nothing about the game itself and is merely an announcement which says and concludes with "We will see you at Star Wars Celebration!"


Star Wars Battlefront Will Be Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Earlier today, Star Wars Battlefront's official twitter page came to a fans rescue where it answered on of the major questions everyone is asking in the gaming arena. Twitter user Kyle Hackley posed the following question to the EA Star Wars Battlefront team:

" What platforms will the game be released on?"

The official EA Star Wars page replied to the comment saying:

" Star Wars Battlefront will be available holiday 2015, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC."

The full version of the tweet can be seen below:

Some of the gamers took the news positively and were happy to see that the game was only featuring the current gen platforms which, in a way, depicts that the game is a bit heavy for previous gen consoles to handle which is sad news for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners but will make the PS4/ Xbox One owners happy. On a separate note, some fans posed the intriguing question of the holidays that the team was talking about. Was it the upcoming summer holidays of 2015 or the December Christmas holidays. With so much anticipation behind the game, it was only a matter of minutes before someone asked this question. Guess the Star Wars Battlefront team still has to elaborate on that part.

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