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Star Wars Battlefront II Team Looking Into Micro-Stuttering Issues And More; Large FAQ About Changes Coming Before Next Patch


Star Wars Battlefront II is far from being a perfect game, with a variety of issues still plaguing the game and little information on what the team is working on. Recently, Community Manager Mat Everett, aka Sledgehammer70, shared a post on the game's official forums, revealing some additional details on what's in store for Battlefront II.

In his post, Sledgehammer70 confirmed that bug fixes will be coming with the Progression Update. Things haven't been finalized yet, but there will be a big FAQ before the patch's release which will detail what is being changed and fixed. Among the bugs that are currently being looked into are duplicate Star Cards not giving credits, balancing issues, and micro-stuttering issues that are still plaguing some players.

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I can only communicate around what is approved by our teams and partners. To be a bit more open, I have been working hard to bring forth all the details on our progression update in a pretty large FAQ with our internal teams. The dev team has poured a lot of work into this update, and I am proud to have been apart of this effort in even the small way I have been. Look forward to details rolling out about the changes ahead of the actual patch release. As a side note. Every week I send a fairly robust report internally that goes directly to Dennis, the EP and the leads of the Star Wars Battlefront team. This report contains the desires of just about everyone within the community, details on what the topics have been on the forums, Reddit, YT, other sites and a lot more. We also highlight the current in-game bugs and issues and work directly with the Q&A team in hopes to reproduce and fix reported issues. Reporting issues is one thing, but reproducing them has been a small nightmare. Topping the charts this week: * Duplicate Star Cards are still not giving credits. * DC-15LE is unbalancing the game * Micro-stuttering frame rates still an issue for some players * The Aggressor / Defender Milestone still appears bugged for some users * PS4 trophy “The force is strong with this one” (reach level 50) is reported as broken by some players Please know your requests, desires, and reports on bugs are not falling on deaf ears. Unfortunately, they are just being reported over and over again, and @Mr_Taver and our Mods team are making sure the team is aware. We are responding to threads, but just not all of them. I think I can speak for the entire team in saying we are very much looking forward to revealing what we have been working on.

Star Wars Battlefront II is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.