Star Wars Battlefront II’s Launch Was A “Great Learning Experience”; Gamers Play Less Titles, But For Longer


Star Wars Battlefront II, the new entry in the series developed by DICE, is definitely one of the most controversial releases of the year due to the way microtransactions were originally meant to be implemented. According to the EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, the game's launch has been a learning experience.

Speaking at the 37th Nasdaq Investor Conference, Jorgensen specifically defined the game a great learning experience. Speaking about microtransactions, he also added that EA will address how they will want to bring microtransactions either into the game or not, which seems to indicate that things have yet to be defined properly.

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On a related note, Blake Jorgensen also noted how the Ultimate Team model wouldn't work with Star Wars Battlefront or Battlefield, as fans of these series want different things than fans of FIFA or other sports games. EA wants to give customers what they want, and the current trend, according to Jorgensen, is that players are enjoying less game, but they're playing them for longer, thus the need to extend a title's life as much as possible.

Earlier this week, a new Star Wars Battlefront II update has been released on all formats, introducing changes to the progression system.

The end-of-round payout has been increased. This is an area we agree needed to be buffed a bit, especially when it comes to rewarding players for doing well in-game. We’re upping the number of Credits you get for a match across the board, and specifically bumping the top players on each team by even more.

Earn 3X more Credits daily in Arcade Mode. It’s been made clear that you were hitting the Arcade Mode Credit cap faster than we expected, so we wanted to alleviate that by increasing it to 1500 Credits. While we’re still looking into ways to add more content into it the mode in the long-term, we think that this should help in the near-term for those who want rewards for completing the different scenarios.

Daily Login Crates will now provide more crafting parts than before. You’ll notice the change right away when you log in. Crafting the Star Cards you want will help make sure you’re progressing in the direction you want, and we absolutely want to empower that. This should help you get where you want to go faster when it comes to crafting and upgrading.

Star Wars Battlefront II is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.