Star Citizen April ’16: The Road to Persistence!


April Videos and Rumours

April 2016 Videos!

The regular weekly update video that CIG produce for star citizen backers used to have a segment called “Sneak Peak” where they would show small glimpses of as yet unconfirmed pieces of the game. This has been renamed and is now called “Fast Forward”. A couple of tasty ones materialised in the last month including:

It looks like CIG have the basis of procedural planet generation done! A brief video clip of a standard character wandering around an alien world surface shows us that the procedural generation technology they’re implementing is indeed proceeding well.

Another in development video shows us how the AI is working with regards to perception of other NPC’s or players with line of sight and searching around last known locations.

April 2016 Rumours!

Each week, CIG host a livestream on their Twitch channel where they take questions from the community. Questions are frequent and the chat goes nuts when this happens! Answers which are given on Reverse the ‘Verse are off the cuff and as such usually highly tentative but if you don’t want to take the stuff that gets said here as gospel, there are interesting tidbits that come out. Stuff that gets mentioned on other shows which seem tentative I’ll put into this section too. This month, the key points of note are:

If you pledged for a physical package in the early campaign, the Starmaps will begin shipping soon. You should have received an email from CIG to check your address, make sure you contact them if you have a physical package but didn’t receive the email.

Trading (and cargo mechanics) is likely to be the next major job implementation.

Initial shopping implementation with “Alpha UEC” (also known as testing money) will be periodically wiped. Shopping will be performed from your mobiGlas (think futuristic watch thing which will be your organiser, diary, mission log, bank account etc), you point it in Augmented Reality (AR) mode at the item in the shop you’re interested in much like you can do today on ArcCorp and you’ll have an option to purchase the item.

The “Cubby Blast” shop has had its back end shopping implementation done and is likely to be one of the first shops you can buy items at using test money.

The Carrack (dedicated exploration ship) is one of the next major ships which will get updated from its original concept to begin production. Additionally, the military version of the civilian Hornet is also being worked on.

Several other capital ships are also being worked on.

Stay tuned for further updates next month! See you in the 'Verse!