Stadia Pro More Xbox Live than Netflix says Google, Only One New Free Game per Month


Last month Google answered most of the big, important questions about it's upcoming Stadia game streaming service, but a lot of smaller details were left unresolved. Well, Google Stadia director of product Andrey Doronichev just wrapped up a Reddit AMA, in which he covered a wide range of topics, including the library of “free” games available to Stadia Pro subscribres, achievements, modding, crossplay, and more! Doronichev kicked off the AMA with some clarification about Stadia Pro, which is definitely not a “Netflix for Games,” as some people (including myself, intially) have dubbed it.

To be clear, Stadia Pro is not Netflix for Games like some people have mentioned, a closer comparison would be like Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus. The Pro subscribers get 4K/HDR streaming, 5.1 sound, exclusive discounts and access to some free games.

In addition to that key bit of clarification, here's a bullet point accounting of everything else Doronichev covered:

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  • Stadia Pro will be offering around one “free” game (“give or take”) per month, starting with Destiny 2. If you unsuscribe to Pro for a time then re-up, you'll regain access to the titles added when you were previously a subscriber, but you won't get any of the games added when you were unsuscribed. In other words, this is not a growing library of games you get full access to whenever you subscribe, they're instead giving you a game to keep (as long as you're subscribed) each month. It's a subtle, but important difference.
  • No achievements at launch. They're coming “a little bit later.”
  • No mods either. They'd like to make it happen eventually and are working with developers to come up with a solution.
  • Family sharing of content coming early next year.
  • Non-standard resolutions coming, but they're focusing on the most common (720p, 1080p, 4K) first.
  • They're aiming to have Stadia available on as many devices as possible. Should hit Android and iOS devices in 2020.
  • Stadia will support most HID-compliant controllers, including the Xbox One controller and DualShock 4, although you'll need the Stadia controller to play on your TV.
  • Crossplay and cross-progression are “big priorities” for Google, although it's up to individual developers to implement it.
  • Next Stadia Connect show is likely coming soon.

Google Stadia launches on November 14 in United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. In order to play at launch, you'll need to pre-order the $129 Stadia Founder's Edition, which includes a Stadia controller, a Chromecast Ultra, and three months subscription to Stadia Pro.

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