Stackables Is Apple’s Free App Of The Week ($5.99 Regular)


It's that time of the month when Apple takes the wrap off its free App of the Week, and this time the honor goes to Stackables, which is a beautiful app and retails for a price of $5.99 on a regular day. For more details and download link, head past the jump.

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Stackables Is A Simple App That Caters Well To Your Creative Side

If you stroll through the iOS App Store on a regular basis, then you'll come to realize that majority of the apps revolve around the functionality of adding filters to photos or provide basic editing tools. While most get the job done in a wide variety of ways, but there are a very few apps that get things right, and Stackables is one of them, and luckily for us, the app is available to download for free for one whole week, saving users a hefty $5.99 per download.


From the App Store:

Stackables is the most advanced and comprehensive effects layering and blending app. It's packed with over 200 effects expertly crafted by renowned photographer Dirk Wuestenhagen. These include tasteful textures, light leaks, emulsion, grit and grain, analog film filters, vintage gradients, elaborate geometric patterns, and much more.

If you find the above text a little too hard to digest then let us break it down to you in plain simple words: the app lets you add professional looking effects to your photos and images. In other words, it's a must-download app if you've been wanting to stand out from the crowd in terms of what you can muster up on your iPhone or iPad on the creativity front.


On the compatibility front, the app is available for both the iPhone and iPad, and we really wished the title was universal, but hey, it's free and we can't ask for much right?

As we mentioned before, the app will set you back $5.99 on a regular day and is currently available for free on the App Store for a period of one week. You can download the iPhone version of the app by directly tapping on this link. The iPad version of the app can be downloaded from here.

If you do happen to download the app on your iOS device, then be sure to drop your thoughts about it in the comments section below. We, on the other hand, would love to give the title a mighty big thumbs up!