Square Enix Teases Something New From Murdered: Soul Suspect

Rizwan Anwer

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a new IP that is currently under work at Square Enix, while the game is known to being under the Square Enix umbrella, the publisher is yet to divulge any information surrounding the developer, following up to their recent tease of Deus Ex: The Fall, is Square Enix bringing out the big guns for what is to be the most significant E3 in so many years? I wouldn't be surprised if Murdered: Soul Suspect would get extensive information blow out at the convention since the game has really piqued my interests.
Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a new IP with a lot of promise, with all this teasing, can Square Enix captivate us as they did with the previous games?

UPDATE: If you go to the following link, Here. and enter tuesday as the password (case doesn't matter) you will get the following picture:

Murdered: Soul Suspect_1

What do you believe the 7 bullet wounds indicate? Could it be a countdown to next Tuesday? Let's wait and see! This is really becoming very exciting.

While the details surrounding Murdered: Soul Suspect are still a big mystery, one can not help but wonder that what Square Enix could be up to, the previous year and the current year have proven to be quite eventful years for Square Enix, with games like Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider earning them great praise.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an intriguing game which poses a lot of potential, if handled by the right studio, but given Square Enix's recent track record, I am fairly confident they will handle the job of handing over to the right studio.

The tweet is a bit mysterious but not as much once you note that all the capital letters spell out TUESDA(Y?) you will notice the absence of the Y in Tuesday but perhaps there is a good reason behind it.

I am assuming that the Tuesday that is being referred to in the tweet refers to next Tuesday, June 11th, which is the second day of E3.

I am looking forward to more information about this game and hopefully some more tease regarding the game.

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