Deus Ex: The Fall Could Appear At E3 With Eidos Twitter Tease


Deus Ex: The Fall was a mysterious listing that Square Enix registered a few months ago, While the registrations weren't really talked about much further it was assumed that the listing could potentially lead up to a new Deus Ex Title, I just hope this isn't another Deus Ex: Human Defiance, but with E3 drawing so close I don't think Eidos and Square Enix would be so cruel to play with our emotions twice in a row. Deus Ex: The Fall is an open ended meaning, will we see the continuation of Jensen or a new protagonist? Let's wait and see.

Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex: The Fall could be the next big reveal at E3 for Eidos / Square Enix!

A few months ago, A few mysterious websites were listed; Deus Ex: Human Defiance and Deus Ex: The Fall, while the former turned out to be a oh so cruel April Fools Joke, the latter might just be the next big reveal for the company. Square Enix never really talked about the details behind Deus Ex: The Fall but could it be evident that with E3 drawing ever so closer day by day, this could be their next title?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was an absolutely spectacular game when it launched back in 2011, for them to release a sequel this fast to the Deus Ex series is truly praise worthy seeing as how the enormous break between Deus Ex 2 and Human Revolution seemed to last a life time.

The following tweet sheds was posted by Eidos Montreal asking if we are ready for The Fall. (Eidos Montreal is also the same studio that developed Human Revolution, so for them to return for Deus Ex: The Fall wouldn't be a surprise.)

Currently, Deus Ex: The Fall is definitely the confirmed title of the game but any other details surrounding the game are still the real mystery, as a huge fan of the series and Human Revolution, I can't wait to get a new Deus Ex game!