Sprint Galaxy Nexus Gets Android 4.2.1 Update – Official


So only a couple of weeks after Sprint pushed out Android 4.2 for Galaxy Nexus, and today Sprint Galaxy Nexus gets Android 4.2.1 update while the Verizon still remains on 4.1.1. Sprint is reporting that the update should be on all Nexus devices in some 21 days, bringing some amazing list of goodies like lockscreen wisgets, an overhauled camera interface with photo sphere and more. Talk about unfairness guys? Yep!

Today's Sprint update brings the Ice Cream Sandwich flagship phone to the latest version of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2.1 build JRO03U.L700GA02. The new update that is being rolled out today for Sprint Galaxy Nexus includes the following features list:

  • Notifications Shade is now accessible by swiping the top screen edge downwards. Swipe doen with two fingers to view the notifications and tap the notification to expand it and take any action on it.
  • Camera interface is redesigned included with a new Photo Sphere feature that has a 360-degree panorama mode!
  • Lockscreen widgets are added to access certain apps without even unlocking the screen. Sidescroll right or left for other widgets like gmail, time, weather, etc.

To get the update, go to Settings > About phone > System Updates > Check Now menu to snag it over the air or download manually from Google and enjoy it that way. Again, let's moan together that this update is specifically and only for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus and not the Verizon Galaxy Nesus. Verizon is stuck at Android 4.1.1 yet. Verizon, please to act now!