Spotify on Android and iOS Receives Automatic Podcast Transcriptions


It has only been a day since Apple announced that lossless audio is coming to Apple Music, and now Spotify has decided to take things seriously. They have announced three new updates that are making their way to iOS and Android apps. These updates will make the listening experience better for Spotify's 365 million users around the world.

For those wondering about the updates, these will improve the mobile app's library and allow an easier navigation experience; you will also be able to listen to Spotify within the Facebook app.

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Spotify Introduces New Features to Make the App Better and More Accessible for Everyone

The company decided to take to its blog post and talked extensively about the new changes. Spotify is also getting automatic transcription for podcasts, increasing text size beyond your phone's system limit, and app buttons that will have new formatting and colors.

The goal here is to make the app easier for many people, including those with physical impairment. For instance, larger text and buttons with different colors are great for visually impaired people since they can now see the app easily on their devices. Having podcast transcription will make it possible for those with hearing impairments or loss to have an easier time enjoying their podcasts. Even if you are lucky enough not to have any impairment, the ability to read podcasts instead of just listening can be useful. Users will also get the chance to scroll and navigate through the paragraph, tap on specific words, and have the audio start playing from the chosen word.

The automatic podcast transcription is currently in the beta stage. According to the blog post, the feature will only work for Spotify's "Original and Exclusive" podcasts at the moment. However, Spotify has clarified that this service will eventually make its way to all the podcasts, we are just not sure when this is going to happen.

All three of these updates will arrive separately and will start rolling out in the coming weeks.