Spotify is Currently Testing its Own Version of Stories

Furqan Shahid
Spotify is Currently Testing its Own Version of Stories

Spotify is definitely one of the most popular music streaming services available. It is pretty traditional as far as the set of features are concerned, having nothing that feels out of place. But apparently, Spotify is currently testing its own version of stories, and I am a little confused as to why it is happening in the first place.

Stories are nothing new; they have been on Snapchat for as long as one can remember. You have Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and even Twitter, but all of these are social media platforms in one way or another, but Spotify is a music streaming service. So, things don't end up, at least for now.

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Spotify Bring Stories to Its App Has Me a Little Confused

The news was smarted by TmarTn, who runs a channel on YouTube, and he discovered stories when he was searching for Christmas music. After opening the playlist, he noticed that Spotify is now prompting him about the new feature. Thankfully, he recorded it, and you can see the video below.

Honestly, I find myself a bit confused, as well, because this feature feels really out of place on Spotify. But apparently, the feature is still in the testing phase, so you might never get to see it on a large scale, but the fact that it exists has me scratching my head. It works just as any other stories feature works; with you being able to either tap or swipe left or right.

As far as the testing is concerned, it seems to be a public a/b test, which means that there is a chance that you might already be in the testing phase. Try searching for what TmarTn did, and you might end up finding something similar. As far as we know, this feature should be making its way to both the Android and iOS version of Spotify. If you have got your hands on the feature, let us know what you think about it and whether it should stay or not.

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