Spigen’s New Accessory is Perfect for Docking & Charging Your AirPods


Spigen has revealed a brand new accessory for the AirPods, allowing you to dock them, charge them up in style.

Spigen's AirPods Stand is a Neat Little Dock to Keep Your Earphones Safe & Charged Up

It's pretty easy to lose your AirPods. Sure, you can stow them away in their charging case but that's not enough. You need a place where your expensive earphones can sit snuggly, and also juiced up for the moment whenever you might need them. Basically, you need a charging dock for your AirPods. And guess what? Spigen has unveiled one, and it looks absolutely gorgeous and practically viable.

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Called the AirPods Stand, the accessory does exactly what you expect it to - allow your AirPods to be docked and charged while keeping them safe. And the design looks quite Apple-esque too, so you do not have to worry about anything looking out of place.

There's one downside of the AirPods Stand though - it doesn't come with a cable. You have to add in your very own Lightning cable to the dock in order to supply power to your AirPods charging case. Also, Spigen made the effort to ensure that the cutout for the cable matches perfect with Apple's standard Lightning cable. This means you will get a perfect fit no matter what without that wobbly effect when the AirPods are docked.

-Conveniently docks and keeps your AirPods charged with an opening for the Lightning cable

-Features a Nanotac™ base to ensure a non-slip experience

-Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) exterior with Polycarbonate (PC) internal structure keeps the charging case extra durable and scratch-free in everyday use

-Compatible only with Authentic Original Cable (Not Included)

-Patent Pending

According to Amazon, the AirPods Stand will be available to purchase on February 15. But, if you are interested, you can order yours today for a price of just $11.99. Quite frankly, that's an extremely good price for something that will keep your AirPods from lying around somewhere in the corner of your room. Instead, give it a place right on your workspace or bedside with this accessory.

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