Spencer: Xbox Game Pass Could Open Up Oppurtunities For Creativity For Single Player Games

Xbox Game Pass

Last week, Microsoft made a very interesting announcement regarding the Xbox Game Pass, confirming that all Microsoft Game Studios exclusives will be available on the service starting from Sea of Thieves. Reactions to the announcement have been quite varied, and Xbox's head Phil Spencer recently commented on the announcement and how it can open up some interesting possibilities.

According to Spencer, Xbox Game Pass not only offers great value but could also open up opportunities for creativity, especially for single player games.

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I see XGP as both.  The value is pretty obvious for some.  And the idea of a new model that could open up opportunities for creativity is where I think we'll end up.  Especially for SP games. That's what the model has done in TV but it's not an exact analogy.

Microsoft first party games are all going to be available on the Xbox Game Pass service at launch, but it seems like things may expand in the future, as there are studios interested in the possibility who want to see how the recent announcement plays out.

We have a lot of interest from studios who want to see how our recent announcement plays out.  We'll lead with our 1P but having XGP turn into a model for more studios is our a goal.

Xbox Game Pass offers unlimited access to over one hundred Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles for $9,99 per month. Games aren't streamed but directly downloaded on the console and available with full offline and online functionality.

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