Spencer: More MP Players Make Games Relevant for Longer; We’d Love FFXIV on XB1

Alessio Palumbo

The most important gaming news of today is easily Microsoft's decision to change their Xbox Live policy and allow cross-platform play with other platforms, potentially including competitors in the console market like Sony's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo's WiiU.

Head of Xbox Division Phil Spencer certainly played a major part in this choice and he just commented on it via Twitter. When a customer expressed doubts at the possibility of PlayStation 4/Xbox One crossplay actually happening, Spencer replied that it's in the developer's best interest to expand the player base as it makes relevant for longer.

The first game to use this functionality will be Psyonix's Rocket League. The game only recently came out for Xbox One, while PC and PlayStation 4 players have been playing with each other since last year's launch. Now, Xbox One & PC crossplay will be available with an "open invitation" to other platforms (read: PlayStation 4) to join the party.

There's one game in particular that has not been released on Xbox One so far precisely because of Microsoft's old Xbox Live policy. That's Final Fantasy XIV, which features full crossplay between PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4; now folks are wondering if Square Enix will release the game on Microsoft's console and Spencer said he'd love to see that happening.

Overall, this will certainly open a whole host of new possibilities for games across all platforms. In case you're still afraid Microsoft might add a mandatory subscription back to Live on Windows PC, Spencer confirmed you can rest easy.

Microsoft has a lot of talks scheduled for this year's GDC 2016. We'll be sure to report back on anything interesting regarding the Universal Windows Platform, DirectX 12 and the future of gaming on Windows.

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