SPEEDLINK working on first PlayStation Move Peripherals

Motion sensors in consoles are a whole new thing, it all started with the Wii, the controller was a great medium between the body and the game, in Wii Tennis for instance the harder you swing the Wii remote; the harder your return would be, PlayStation soon followed the Wii remote idea by implementing the DualShock 3 Controller which as a successor to Six Axis provided not only vibration but also motion sensor; the best example of DualShock 3 remotes is best shown by the PlayStation 3 Exclusive "Heavy Rain" where the remotes motion sensor technology works in ways such as shake the remote up, down and even sideways to perform certain actions with your character.

DualShock 3 wasn't enough for Sony but Sony isn't the only company wanting a share in Nintendo Wii's innovative idea, It's no secret that Microsofts XBOX 360 is getting a add-on to the console codenamed "Project Natal" which will integrate your whole body into the game WITHOUT the use of controllers (now THAT'S challenging).

The PlayStation Move just like the Wii has two separate controllers, one comes with a joystick the other comes with a combination of buttons (on the Wii this is called the "Nunchuck") so far we have yet to see a live demonstration of PlayStation Move where as on a couple of occasions we have been shown how Natal will work like, But with E3 2010 drawing closer and closer i feel the time will soon come when we will get the full story on both companies motion sensor technology.

SPEEDLINK is one of the first companies ready to make supported peripherals for the PlayStation Move as early as the Move's release date. Considering that the Move or Natal hasn't even been given a live demonstration yet this is a great idea, the final design and models of the Move are no mystery Sony has confirmed that the move will look like this:


The picture alone is helpful enough for companies to start making their peripherals all they need are official sizes which can easily be got from a gaming site or a friendly email to Sony.

SPEEDLINK released a press statement which said:

PlayStation® Move – SPEEDLINK® with matching accessories right from release

SPEEDLINK® will be complementing the launch of the PlayStation® Move platform with its own portfolio

Weertzen, 2 June 2010 – Autumn 2010 marks the launch date of the new PlayStation Move motion controller platform for the PlayStation 3. The platform will comprise a Bluetooth®-enabled motion controller, a navigation controller and the PlayStation® Eye camera. SPEEDLINK is currently hard at work developing matching accessories to impress retailers and gamers with a range of products right from when the platform is released.

The SPEEDLINK portfolio for the PlayStation® Move aims to increase ease-of-use and gaming fun. With a collection of controller attachments, such as tennis rackets and a whole set of assorted sports accessories in the Sports Pack, SPEEDLINK will make games more realistic and improve accuracy. There will also be a special range of customised accessories such as guns for gamers who are mad about action games.

The experience gained with rechargeable devices such as the Nintendo DS™ and wireless Wii™ Remotes clearly shows that power is an extremely important area – and will continue to remain so as both the Move controller as well as the navigation controller are battery powered. With the Dual Charger, SPEEDLINK is currently developing a charging station which enables the batteries to be recharged quickly and easily.

Controller grip is immensely important when it comes to motion controllers. To ensure the wand-shaped motion controller and navigation controller sit securely in gamers’ hands, SPEEDLINK will be offering a range of silicone protective skins which will be available in a variety of funky colours right from when the PlayStation Move launches.
Coletta Jöllenbeck, Director Sales & Purchase at Jöllenbeck comments: “For us, the PlayStation® Move is a key topic for this coming Christmas season. The Nintendo Wii™ has already found its way into many people’s homes, impressing them with the concept of motion control. We’re certain that this level of success can also be achieved with the PS3 – and we’re already looking forward to announcing a whole series of PlayStation® Move products.”

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