SpaceX And Tesla Are Made For Each Other- The Rocket Making Company Helped Tesla Fix A Major Problem

Zarmeen Shahzad

Tesla just reported its second-quarter earnings and like always analysts started asking questions. The questions, however, weren’t about space or flight. They wished to know whether SpaceX innovations could be used to help Tesla in some way. As Musk runs both companies so there is a major possibility of the two companies mingling in one way or another. Apparently SpaceX was able to help Tesla by fixing a problem in the cars that saved around 8 hours of work per car.

SpaceX and Tesla- Match made in heaven

According to Tesla President of Global Sales and Services Jon McNeill, “There’s some really great collaboration continuously between the SpaceX teams on materials and other challenges. We had a challenge in service just over the past week where we needed to determine the quality of an object deep within our structure, an aluminum casting. That’s something that SpaceX knows how to do. Our team reached out to the SpaceX team, the SpaceX team provided us with some ultrasonic sensors so we could quickly take corrective action.”

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This shows the benefits of being in charge of two major companies at once. Both these companies must figure out how to improve their products in order to become long term businesses. Tesla needs to work on its cars and SpaceX needs to work on its rockets. According to Musk the ‘cross-fertilization’ of thinking between two companies is highly advantageous especially with ‘high-volume manufacturing of something that has to be extremely reliable’.

In contrast to Wall Street’s expectations, Tesla’s second quarter was a bit better. The company saw a huge amount of interest in the Model 3 and there was an uptick in interest in the Model S as well. These new revelations about the company seem to have subdued some of the concerns that were being raised about Tesla trying to build cheaper cars that would be available for a larger audience. The company has to deal with a lot of problems still like figuring out how to build a better battery.
I am sure all Musk fans wish to see both the companies succeed.

News Source: SpaceX helped Tesla with a huge headache in its cars

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