Source Code Director Reveals Netflix Original Sci-Fi Movie ‘Mute’


2016 wasn't a great year for Duncan Jones.  After wowing audiences with 2009's Moon and 2011's Source Code, last year's fantasy epic Warcraft saw Jones stepping out of his sci-fi comfort zone and it was a critical and commercial disappointment. Tragically, he also lost his father, David Bowie.

Luckily for Jones, it seems as though Netflix are giving him a chance to reignite his creative spark, with the streaming service funding his intriguing new sci-fi flick, Mute.

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Set in Berlin forty years from now, Jones describes Mute as 'a science-fiction Casablanca'. The movie tells the story of Leo Beiler (Alexandar Skarsgard) a mute bartender who wakes up one day to find that the love of his life has disappeared. As his search for her takes him into darker parts of Berlin, the only clues to her disappearance lead him to a mysterious pair of American surgeons ( led by Paul Rudd). Yet the more desperate Leo becomes, the more he finds himself relying on the surgeons. But are there here to help? Or should he fear them?

paul rudd mute

With the film sporting a stunning Drive meets Blade Runner aesthetic and an interesting cast, our interest is certainly piqued in this latest Jones vehicle.  With Rudd sporting a suitably Anchorman mustache and dropping his usual typecasting to play a deadly black market surgeon, Mute looks to be an unusual proposition.

Mute will be coming exclusively to Netflix in 2017.