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SOS Closed Beta Giveaway – 2K Codes That’ll Let You In This Unique Survival Game


Survival games are popping up left and right these days, but SOS from Outpost Games is quite different from its competitors. It's a multiplayer focused title where sixteen players have to fight it off in a 30-minute rush to grab a relic, signal the helicopter for extraction and escape an island. Furthermore, the game has been designed from the start to be integrated with Outpost's own Hero streaming platform.

We've got two thousand codes that will let you in the ongoing Closed Beta test. This is a first-come, first-served giveaway; once you get your code, activate it on Steam and follow the instructions below to start playing.

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If you've never launched SOS before you'll notice a screen requesting your email address. This is because SOS requires a Hero account to be played.

1) Enter your email address. If you have a Hero account, use the email address for your Hero account.


2a) If you do not have a Hero account, please provide a username for your Hero account.


2b) If you do have an existing Hero/SOS account, enter your password to link your Hero and Steam accounts.

SOS Closed Beta Giveaway

SOS is an interactive game show in which you and 15 other contestants will be dropped onto La Cuna Island with one simple goal – Get the hell off La Cuna Island.
How it works is simple: Find a hidden relic, signal for extraction, and escape on the chopper. How to do it is hard: You’ll have to use your personality to build alliances, out-scheme opponents, and entertain the audience. Oh, not to mention avoid hordes of bloodthirsty monsters.
If you’re lucky enough to survive, you’ll be greeted with fame and fortune. And more importantly, you’ll still be alive.


  • SURVIVE THE SHOW – Contestants only have 30 minutes to find a relic, signal for extraction, and grab one of three spots on the rescue chopper.
  • REAL-WORLD VOICE RESTRICTIONS – Players must find and interact with other contestants to survive, but like the real world, they can only communicate with those within shouting distance.
  • BECOME A STAR – Harken back to the days of 90’s reality shows by setting up alliances, stabbing your friends in the back, winning the affection of viewers and becoming the ultimate star.
  • COMMUNICATE AND WORK TOGETHER – In SOS, a player's voice and personality become their ultimate tools for survival. With limited resources and no long-range weapons, a player’s ability to buddy up with other contestants, share resources and know when to go it alone is key. Three people can escape the island, make sure it’s your group!
  • HERO PLATFORM INTEGRATION - Streamers have the ability to use Outpost Games’ Hero platform with SOS, giving them a new way to engage with viewers and grow their channels, while viewers can watch their favorite streamers play the game and become an interactive part of the experience like never before.